Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get a library card?

In order to issue you a card, we need to see a photo I.D. with your correct address on it.  If your photo I.D. is not current, you will need to provide some other proof of address, such as a piece of mail, your vehicle registration, or your water bill.

Does it cost anything to get a card?

Nope, it's free.  If you lose your card, however, a replacement card costs $1.

How old does my child need to be before he or she can get a card?

In order to get their own card, we ask that young library users be able to provide the following information without any help from the guardians:  Full name, address, telephone number, and birthdate (including birth year).

I frequently babysit my grandchildren. Can I help them get library cards?

Sorry, but no.  Only parents or legal guardians have the authority to let their children get cards.  However, we can give you a form that the parents can fill out and you can return to the library that will enable the kids to get cards.  Just ask at the desk.

Where can I use my card? Is it good only at your library?

You can use your library card at any of the libraries in the High Plains Library District.  For a full list of libraries and locations, please visit the High Plains web site at

If I check out books at a different location, can I return them at the your library?

Yes!  If you check out books from any other High Plains library, you can return them here and we'll send them back to their library "homes."  If you check out materials from libraries that are not in the district (like Loveland or Fort Collins), we prefer that you return the books to those libraries yourself.


How many books or other items can I check out?

We limit each card holder to 50 items total.  The total limit of all media items (DVDs, TV series, music CDs) is 15 per card.  The total limit of audiobooks is 15 per card.

How much do you charge if my books are late?

Good news!  Unless you are late, we do not charge fines. If you keep your items a couple of months beyond your due date, you will get a bill, however.

How much do you charge if my movies are late?

We no longer charge fines for movies unless they are a  month late.

Can I renew the items that I have out without coming back to the library?

Absolutely!  You can go online to the High Plains Library District web site ( and renew them yourself or we can renew them for you by phone.  


Can I check the online card catalog from your website?

No, but you can go to the High Plains Library District web site and use the catalog there: