About Us


Kristi Plumb

Kristi has been with the library for over 16 years.  She is the Director as well as the children's librarian, responsible for ordering all the children's materials.  She also supervises the rest of the children's staff, shares storytime duties, hosts a bookclub for kids, and is the coordinator for the annual Elementary Art Show and our new Artist in Residence program.


Jill Schraeder

Jill is the assistant director and is also in charge of technical services (processing our new books).  She orders all of our inspirational books and audiobooks, she hosts two book groups, and is also our go-to craft person on the staff, but her favorite part of the job is working at the circulation desk!  Jill spends her Thursday afternoons running the Milliken Mini-Library.


Laurel Engelbert

Laurel is our teen librarian.  She loves to order/read/talk about all the latest/greatest teen books, and would be happy to talk books with you if you don't know which book to choose!  She also orders all our adult audiobooks, runs two book clubs, and is our volunteer coordinator. She stays busy!


Sparkle Sunshine

Donna is our circ desk lead, in charge of training new staff.  She also coordinates our yearly summer reading program, hosts a book club, writes a column for the Johnstown Breeze, and coordinates our book displays.  She also cohosts our new Books & Brews book club.  Donna's dream job?  Working as the head of the Happiness Research Institute in Denmark.  (But for now, she's happy working here.) 


Dylann Leal

 Dylann is our resident computer wizard--if we can't figure out how to do something, generally Dylann can.  She spends a lot of time at the circulation desk, but also helps out with special programming. 


Marisa Garcia

Marisa is our sole Spanish speaker on staff.  She spends a lot of time at the circulation desk, but also orders Spanish materials for the collection, takes materials to the Milliken drop box.  She is quite tech savvy and smart.  


Delka Babiuch

Delka is in charge of Parachute Storytime and Delka's Ducklings lapsit program. She is an avid reader/appreciator of romance fiction and orders all our romance books.  She also hosts our romance book club.  


Gail Lowry

Gail is one of our substitute librarians.  She brightens up the circ desk with her friendly smile and fun sense of humor when one of us can't work our normal shift.    


Monica Johnson

 Monica's main job is to help with all our storytimes, but she also works at the circulation desk and is the host of Books & Bricks, our LEGO storytime on Thursdays.  



Anna Geisenhoff

 Anna has rejoined us as a substitute librarian! Be sure to ask when she's in so you can say hi! She is super excited to be back helping patrons, meeting old friends, and making new ones! 


Lisa Severance

Lisa is very passionate about books and reading and libraries!  She shares multiple storytime duties and helps out at the circulation desk.  

Our Library Board

Meet the dedicated volunteers who help guide the running of the library!

Left to right:  Linda Blackmer, Chad Young, Debi Sauer, Sheryl Ballard, and Jenna Hall.